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Job Alert: Lebanese Jobs in Lebanon  |  فرص عمل في لبنان

Job Title Job Alert: Lebanese

Job Alert: Lebanese Operations Manager Wanted!

Join our esteemed 5-star luxury spa in Baghdad, Iraq as a General Spa Operations Manager. Are you experienced in F&B, hospitality, and catering, with exceptional customer service and leadership skills? This opportunity is for you!

Requirements: Lebanese Male, age above 30
Position: General Spa Operations Manager
Type: Sponsored Work Permit, Permanent in Baghdad, Iraq


Oversee full spa operations
Manage and coordinate between different teams and departments in the spa
Follow up on customer experience and ensure smooth operations
Ensure top-notch service
Ready to take on this exciting role? Reach out now!

WhatsApp/Call: +905386218892

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Job Number 1194422
Date Posted 2024-02-07
Country Lebanon
Category Uncategorized Jobs
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